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Our rental department is not just a service; it's a team that embodies approachability, helpfulness, and a swift grasp of your project's nuances and needs. Proficient in interpreting requirements, our team seamlessly collaborates with other departments to ensure the delivery of fully-equipped, properly packaged equipment with the latest software updates. Our commitment is not just to fulfil your equipment needs but to exceed expectations, solidifying our reputation.

The scope of the department's responsibility extends beyond the obvious, covering the aspects you might not have considered. Whether it's a single radio microphone for a day's hire or the me preparation of an entire system for a musical production, our staff meticulously checks every detail. They bring a wealth of experience from various facets of live entertainment, understanding the paramount importance of receiving well-prepared and reliable equipment.

Moreover, our team takes delight in going the extra mile, whether it's tracking down unique equipment accessories or crafting elegant rigging components that simplify your on-site experience. Their creativity thrives on yours, fostering an environment where the more imaginative your project, the more inventive and dedicated our team becomes.


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