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Established in 2009, RSH Audio emerged as a result of our team members honing their skills in DJing and engineering for bands. The intrinsic passion for music and sound forms the bedrock of our operations.

While our headquarters are in London, our services extend across the entirety of the UK, and we've proudly contributed to events in Europe as well.

Our growth has been both steady and fortunate. We've consistently expanded our rental inventory, elevating both its quality and quantity. Our commitment to collaborating with renowned promoters, artists, and production companies has been a driving force.

Beyond music-based events, our collective backgrounds include corporate audio-visual production. This dual experience underscores our emphasis on high-quality customer service, professionalism, and a technology-focused approach. It's this unique blend that sets us apart from the competition.

Our objective is to offer professional, reliable, and amicable audio equipment rental and sound engineering services tailored for production companies, event promoters, creative agencies, and venues.

Our rental portfolio is meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs of trade dry hires. It features established go-to products such as Yamaha CL/QL desks, Shure ULX-D, and d&b KSL / V / M / E-Series. Complementing these are substantial stocks of industry-standard DJ equipment, along with essential rider-friendly wired microphones and DI's.

Our primary focus lies in nurturing enduring business-to-business relationships with audio-visual and production houses. We provide them with additional equipment hire and/or technical support to enhance their internal resources. Importantly, we ensure that this augmentation is seamlessly delivered, with the end client blissfully unaware of our subcontractor role if need be.

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